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We encourage you to learn more about Waskowitz Environmental Leadership & Service and apply soon.

WELS is an innovative project-based program that offers an interdisciplinary, small learning community with a theme of environmental leadership and service. WELS students are active members of their learning community and serve as role models for sixth-grade students while at camp. Please carefully read the "Before You Apply" section below to determine if WELS is a good fit for you.

WELS Admissions Process

Students interested in attending Waskowitz Environmental Leadership & Service (WELS) must submit an application to be considered for an interview. You can apply to WELS at any point during the year

Step 1: Make sure WELS is a good fit for you.

Step 2: Fill out the online application

Step 3: Sonia, our Student Success Dean, will contact you with information about the rest of the admissions process.

For any questions or concerns, please call 206-631-7626 or email Sonia at

Before You Apply

About WELS

WELS provides opportunities for students who seek an innovative approach to their education and are ready to make the necessary changes for academic and interpersonal success. WELS is a restorative program for students in grades 10th -12th. Often a high school student that has experienced multiple indicators of educational adversities, desire a safe and supportive school environment for academic success. WELS provides a safe and nurturing learning community that offers rigorous academics with authentic learning experiences based on a relationship-centered approach.  Students complete an application and interview to ensure the right attitude, aptitude, and physical stamina to be a leader in our 6th grade residential outdoor environmental education program (ROEE) at Waskowitz. We are a Career and Technical Education (CTE) rich program providing multiple learning opportunities with 21st-century skills and real-world experiences for jobs in the outdoor recreation/education and environmental science fields.

See our "What Students are Up To" page to get a sense of the type of work students do at WELS. 

WELS Culture (Student Video)

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Is WELS a Good Fit for You?

WELS has a strict behavior agreement; students agree to abide by behavior expectations and programs guidelines to ensure all WELS students are appropriate role models at Waskowitz, WELS classrooms, and within the community. We welcome students who have fallen behind in credits due to attendance issues and course failures and are ready to commit to new academic and life habits for success. You can also contact us to learn more.