Seniors Program

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WELS Seniors Program Overview

The senior year program aims to continue the leadership training that began in Classic and Central years with the Outdoor Recreation and Leadership course at PSSC. This course teaches advanced skills, providing opportunities to innovatively apply learning and demonstrate skills in the community and outdoor settings.

Seniors are also enrolled in the VITAL program at PSSC for at least one semester, allowing students to earn all the credits necessary for graduation. Students who fulfill their graduation requirements in the first half of the year are candidates to replace VITAL courses with Running Start at a local college, another CTE course, or an internship that further prepares them for their 13th year plan.

Senior Program Photos

Field Experiences

  • Cabin leader at Waskowitz Outdoor School for at least one week in each semester.
  • Plan and facilitate a field day for VITAL students
  • Conservation service work at Seahurst Park
  • A week-long Spring Backpacking Trip
  • A week-long trip to Sucia Island in partnership with graduate students from the Huxley School of the Environment at WWU.
  • Plan and facilitate an overnight trip for VITAL students at Waskowitz Outdoor School.
  • Potential internship opportunities throughout the year